Bienvenido! Welcome! La idea de Keepin It Paisa, nació de puro cotorreo.  Keepin It Paisa originated from being amongst friends and laughing about the phrases and ideas that we grew up with as Mexican Americans.  The brand was created as a way for us to express ourselves, show pride and embrace our culture while keeping it real… real Paisa!


KIP es basado en hacer diseños que le alegran el día a la gente y al mismo tiempo se identifiquen con los diseños.  Our brand reflects the humble beginnings and experiences of living and growing up as migrant families in California, with a twist of humor.  In other words, a fusion of two worlds and cultures!

Regardless of where you’re from, if you like tacos or hamburgers, or if you wear huaraches or stilettos, our goal is for everyone that wears the brand to feel proud and represent whatever the item means to you; Proud to be from a small town, proud to be a hard worker, or proud to represent your favorite team.

Atraves de nuestras gorras y playeras, KIP trae bonitos recuerdos de nuestras raíces.  Nuestra ropa no solo es buena calidad, si no que también representa cultura, tradición, vivencias y creencias.  Tenemos una visión que aun va empezando.  Gracias por ser parte del Equipo KIP.